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 Promoting Physical Activity: A National Conversation

We’ve heard the statistics. Individuals living with mental health conditions are at greater risk for physical health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Physical inactivity is a prevalent issue among the general population and is equally concerning for individuals with mental health conditions.There are physical activity guidelines, intervention ideas, and even reduced fees for gym memberships. But overwhelmingly, a national shift towards physical activity in mental health has not occurred. That’s not to say great things aren’t happening!

We want to hear from you!
We want to hear from consumers about strategies they use to increase physical activity. What works, what doesn’t work? What barriers do you experience?

We want to hear from providers about how they promote physical activity and exercise within your organization. How do you support consumers to increase their own physical activity. Are there barriers you face or observe as a provider that prevent consumer engagement in physical activity?

How can we help?!
As an individual with lived experience, what tools or resources would help you increase engagement in physical activity? Are there resources that would help you advocate for supports to increase physical activity?

As a provider, are there trainings, protocols, or other informational resources that would help you support the physical activity goals of individuals with living with mental health conditions?

Join us for this National Conversation! Let’s change the momentum and move physical activity forward!
With your input, we will begin to develop additional resources and training guides to better support individuals with mental health conditions to increase physical activity. Your input matters!

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