Independent Living

The TU Collaborative offers a range of training and technical assistance opportunities that focus on helping direct service staff and program supervisors in the nation’s nation network of Independent Living Centers (ILCs) to more effectively serve the increasing number of individuals with mental health conditions who turn to ILCs for services and supports.  Whether or not the individual with a mental health condition has an additional physical or sensory disability, ILC staff and supervisors often need to know more about providing appropriate and coordinated care for this group.

  • Understanding Mental Health Conditions and Services – Provides an overview of mental health conditions (including both the traditional medical model understanding of origins and symptoms and alternative theories from both trauma-informed and social oppression perspectives) and orients ILC staff to treatment, rehabilitation, and peer-provided mental health service systems – linking the philosophical framework for ILC services to the empowerment-recovery emphasis in the mental health field today.  The Collaborative’s training and technical assistance includes both crisis management situations and the importance of focusing on community inclusion outcomes.
  • Peer Specialist Support Systems in Independent Living Centers – Based on its research study of the effectiveness of the provision of mental health peer specialist services for individuals with mental health conditions within Independent Living Centers, this training and/or technical assistance programs offers ILC’s an introduction to the principles of peer-specialist supports for those with mental health conditions and the skills and requirements of these unique staff positions.


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