The TU Collaborative offers a range of training and technical assistance opportunities that focus on helping individuals with mental health conditions return to school to gain the skills and the credentials they need to achieve their educational and /or employment goals.  Interested agencies can choose among, or combine training and technical assistance that focus upon:

  • The Principles and Practices of Supported Education – Supported education programs provide a framework for assisting people with mental health conditions to return to and succeed at school – whether in attaining their high school diploma, a community college or career college degree in the field of their choice, or entering and graduating from a four year or graduate program.  The key design elements of supported education, the linkages to and supports for educational institutions that are required, and skills needed by supported education staff are all covered in this training and technical assistance program.
  • A Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College – This program assists agency personnel make the most effective use of The Collaborative’s consumer-focused practical guide for people who want to go to college and its ‘facilitators’ guide.’  It provides an introduction to the Guide and how to make use of it, in weekly or bi-weekly group settings, to provide direction to those with disabilities interested in entering or returning to a college program, dealing with issues such as finding the right school, locating the right supports, and managing one’s disability in an academic environment.
  • Reshaping Academic Policies to Better Support both Students and Faculty with Mental Health Conditions – Based on the Collaborative’s research into the college experience of both students and faculty with mental health conditions, as well as a 2007 Collaborative policy monograph from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, this program offers college administrators and university offices for students with disabilities effective guidelines for being more supportive of faculty, staff and students with disclosed or undisclosed psychiatric disabilities.


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