RRTC Knowledge Translation Activities

The Temple University Collaborative recognizes the importance of translating research into practice. We are dedicated to offering technical assistance through trainings and consultations that promote community inclusion. Our approach to technical assistance is collaborative. We work with consumers and family members, program administrators, direct service staff, state and county mental health authorities, and researchers in order to identify current needs and design the most effective knowledge translation techniques.

We offer training and technical assistance in the following areas. More information about each topic is available by clicking on the highlighted link.

Click here to request technical assistance from the TU Collaborative

Click here to request technical assistance from the TU Collaborative

Audiences often require different levels of support. We work collaboratively with the requesting individual and/or agency to determine the training that meets their individualized needs. Below is a description of the common types of technical assistance we provide.

Levels of Technical Assistance

Resources: The TU Collaborative has a number of developed resources for individuals/agencies to access. These vary from information sheets to resource manuals. These resources are often referenced in more extensive trainings. Not sure what resources will help you achieve your goals? Contact us, we’re happy to help you find the resources that fit your needs.

Short Presentations: We are available to provide in-service presentations to agencies and/or sessions at regional or national conferences. These presentations often cover the topic more broadly, introducing the theoretical framework and evidence behind how the presented topic can increase community inclusion and enhance opportunities for individuals with psychiatric disabilities

Workshops: Workshops provide greater opportunity for hands-on trainings. These trainings are more appropriate for agencies or policy makers that intend to implement changes to how services are delivered.

Ongoing Technical Assistance: This customizable option often combines resources, presentations, and/or workshops with ongoing tele-conference support. With this option, we develop a program that meets the needs of the requesting agency. This level of technical assistance requires a commitment of at least 3 months of ongoing support. The goal of this level of technical assistance is the integration of new programs or protocols that promote community inclusion.


Current Projects:

Please visit this page to explore our ongoing Technical Assistance Projects.

Past Technical Assistance Projects:

For an example of past projects we have participated in, please visit this page.