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Katy Kaplan, M.S.Ed.

Assistant Director
Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities

Katy Kaplan

Katy Kaplan joined the Temple University Collaborative in March of 2004 and currently serves as its’ Assistant Director.  Ms. Kaplan has a Masters degree in education from the Graduate School of Education and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Social Welfare, both from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has ten years of intensive research experience.

Ms. Kaplan is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all of the research studies of the Temple University Collaborative, and is also a Co-Investigator of the Collaborative’s randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of an Internet-based parenting intervention for mothers with psychiatric disabilities.   Her interest in parenting with a mental illness stems from her experiences as a child of a father with a psychiatric disability, as well as her experiences as a teacher.  Ms. Kaplan’s varied teaching experiences included teaching at an elementary school, a juvenile detention center for boys, and a residential school for children who were removed from the home because of abuse and neglect.  Her experiences in these diverse settings gave her insight into parent-child interactions, issues that arise when children are in an out-of-home placement, and the importance of prevention and early intervention.  Her personal experience with parental mental illness and her professional background as an educator and researcher informs her oversight and coordination of the Collaborative’s parenting initiatives.

 Selected Publications  

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