Lou Klein, B.A.

Lou Klein is a Research Specialist at Temple’s Collaborative for Community Inclusion.  He has held this position part-time since February 2014 and full-time since July 2014.  He holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in Mathematics (Statistics concentration) and Sociology from The College of New Jersey.  He was a data scientist at Lighthouse Hospice in 2012 and he has been involved with social research since 2011. During this tenure he has worked as a research assistant for the TCNJ Advancement Program Evaluation under the coordination of Dr. Diane C. Bates (NSF ADVANCE – PAID Award #0930193 Dr. Lisa Grega, PI) and as a quantitative researcher for his thesis with Dr. Tim Clydesdale.  He currently is responsible for analyzing GIS data to identify activity levels and patterns among individuals with psychiatric disorders through clustering and mapping.