Katie Pizziketti, B.A.

Katie Pizziketti has been a research assistant at the Collaborative since June of 2014.  She graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a B.A. in psychology.  Previous to her work at the TU Collaborative, Katie was a volunteer at DePaul’s Center for Community Research, where she completed an honors thesis and DUOS research fellowship project examining health risk behaviors and depression in women recovering from substance use problems.  At the Collaborative, Katie is currently leading administration of two studies of the effectiveness of the ICAN recreation intervention (Independence through Community Access and Navigation).  She also provides support for the development of a measurement for assessing home- and community-based services (HCBS).

Katie is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor and teaches classes at Maha Yoga Studio.  Her primary research interests are health, physical activity, and relationships.  She enjoys working to improve accessibility at the Collaborative, analyzing qualitative data, creating visual representations of data, and things that have owls on them.